Accessories for Ozone Chillers and Their Purpose

Accessories for Ozone Generators

Ozone generators are important to the creation of ozone. They can be used in many different industries like waste water treatment, aquaculture and drinking water. Ozone is used for a variety of reasons in many different ways. Sometimes ozone generators need extra help, or mechanism to accomplish what needs to be done. Different accessories can be used to help ozone generators.

Ozone injecting systems consist of high pressure pumps. The pumps are used in conjunction with a venture injector. An injector is a conical shaped connector that creates a vacuum within itself to oxidize water.  The pump forces untreated water through the injector where ozone gas immerges. The water is then treated and moves onto a collect tank, or an outlet pipe.


Another accessory that can be used in conjunction with ozone generators are a destructor. A destructor is designed to destroy excess ozone. Too much ozone can be bad. An ozone destruct unit measures high concentrations of ozone. An ozone destruct will destroy and excess ozone found in ambient air, or that is found in a contact tank. A destruct unit consists of a vent hood, a disinfection chamber and a contact tank.  Most destructors are found in test chambers, small spaces that must meet OSHA requirements, or pack out rooms.