UV Ozone Generator

UV Ozone Generator

UV ozone generators are another way to create ozone. UV, or ultraviolet rays, use a lamp to create ozone. This process is easier to clean due to the lack of stringent cooling requirements. UV ozone generators also don’t produce nitrogen oxides. Nitrogen oxides are a combination of oxygen and nitrogen.  UV generators are not affected by the presence of humidity in the air. Humidity is bad for an ozone generator because moisture can turn ozone acidic and damage the machine.


Ultra-violent lamps have been used for long periods of time to create ozone. The process is simple. A lamp emits UV light at 185 nano meters. The incoming air (ambient) is passed over the lamp which then splits the oxygen molecules. UV light is not visible to the human, and is extremely small. The broken up air molecules try to attach to the oxygen molecules. This new combination then forms ozone or O3. The ozone is then injected into air or water to destroy the contaminates found in designated space.

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