Ozone and How it is Used in the Food Industry.

Ozone and Food Processing

Ozone is critical to the food processing industry and its different varieties. Food processing can involve the prepping, packaging, and distribution of food stuffs. Two major industries that use ozone in food processing is the dairy industry and the combination of fruit and vegetable industry. Each one uses ozone to provide people and animals with delicious food and drink.


Ozone is used in the dairy industry many different ways. This can include processing equipment, personnel hygiene and as shock treatments. Ozone is used in the sanitation of processing equipment. This can include containers to hold milk, as well as small parts like homogenizers. Low pressure of ozonated water to remove bacteria like E coli, staphylococcus and Salmonella.  Ozone is used as an alternative to alcohol based sanitizers.  Workers handling   food must wash their hands on a daily basis. Ozone can be used instead of harsh irritating chemicals. Ozone has also been used to sanitize the working environment as well. This can include floors, walls, and structures. It is quicker and can be used at overnight treatments.

Similar to dairy processing, ozone can be used when working with fruits and vegetables. Ozone has been used to control microbial growth, cross contamination and is safe to use on ready to eat plants. Ozone is knowing to cut down on microbial growth. Ozonated water kills the growing organisms and can be integrated with conveyors and washing systems. Ozone has also been used to sanitize designated rooms during batch production. It is also used in place of ethylene sensitive perishable produce. Ozone is good safe and works well with OSHA guidelines. It is environmentally friendly can revert back to oxygen.