Ozone and the Pathogens It Removes

Ozone and Pathogens

Ozone is widely used in many different industries to disinfect, sanitize, and removes viruses, bacterium and other pathogens.  Because everything is comprised of molecules, ozone works against pathogens at a molecular level that the human eye cannot see. Ozone molecules come in contact with a living organism, like a bacterium. It then smashes the bacterial wall and creates a hole within the bacteria. From here the ozone travels around the bacteria cell generating more holes.  The final step is the destruction of the bacteria because it can no longer keep up with the breaking up of its cells. Below is a list of general pathogens known to broken down by ozone.




Bacteria Name Dosage
Bacillus Bacteria Destroyed by 0.2 m/I within 30 seconds 
Bacillus subtilis 90% reduction at 0.10-PPM for 33 minutes
Botrytis cinerea 3.8 mg/l for 2 minutes
Hepatitis A virus 99.5% reduction at 0.25 mg/l for 2-seconds in a phosphate buffer
Herpes Virus Destroyed to zero level in less than 30 seconds wit 0.1 to 0.8 mg/l
Poliovirus type 1 99.5% destruction at 0.25 mg/l for 1.6 minutes in water
Coxsackie Virus B5 99.99% destruction at 0.4 mg/l for 2.5-minutes in sludge effluent
Encephalomyocarditis Virus Destroyed to zero level in less than 30 seconds with 0.1 to 0.8 mg