Aquaculture and the use of Ozone

Aquaculture and Ozone

Aquaculture, or aqua farming is the use of both aquatic organisms and aquatic plants. By using cultivating both an ecosystem arises benefiting both organisms. Ozone has been used to purify water, disinfect water as well as get rid of red tide and other algae that are harmful to the ecosystem. Aquaculture, or aqua farming is a large industry that is used to supply us with seafood and plants used in many different places. Without ozone this farming would be limited and so would our supplies.


Ozone, or O3, has been used to disinfect water. This includes the reduction of E Coli, and the killing of bacteria and viruses. Ozone increase the TRO found in water sources. TRO stands for total residual oxidants. TRO usually is associated with chemicals like chlorine and chlorine dosing. Dosing is the process of feeding chemicals in small amounts to a water stream by spray pumps. This is used in conjunction with ozone to prevent pathogens from entering the ecosystem and enables a healthy stock.

Ozone is also used to create better water quality and treat high algae populations. Ozone can be used to raise the pH of seawater, which would increase chemical processes such as the breakdown of decaying material.  Ozone, seen to help with lowering bacteria has also been known to help lower the population of algae. Red tide, algae, has been known as a toxic outbreak in New Zealand. This epidemic was treated by ozone to decrease larvae in hatcheries.